I’m pretty sure these guys have nothing but murder on their minds..

Check out the brand new Kindness of Strangers Tour Video Episode featuring our music video screening in LA last March!

My first ever food selfie on Instagram. I’ve been worn down and I am now officially a hipster. #foodselfie #damnhipster

Making bacon without a shirt on. #livingdangerously

Kindness of Strangers Tour Episode 9: Music Video Screening in LA. Enjoy!

Here, at long last is the music video for “Siren” by The Brian Travis Band. Directed by David Barlia. It was an official selection at 2014 Sprockets International Music Video Film Festival!

The Brian Travis Band live in Springfield Missouri at the Classic Rock Coffee Co. #kindnessofstrangerstour2014

The stage is set for tonight’s BTB show at The Classic Rock Coffee Co. in Springfield Mo. #kindnessofstrangerstour2014


Number 24